Hybrid offers products and material for sale based on what we use in the construction of our products.

Building Material

  • Complete leasehold build solutions
  • Rain shields / weather curtains
  • Ground bars / standoffs
  • Vinyl board c/w trim kit
  • Waveguide ports
  • Equipment racks

Electrical Supplies

  • Battery back-up units
  • AC & DC surge protectors
  • Genset boxes / Camlock detachable plugs
  • Transfer Switches
  • DC fan kits
  • Remote Radio Unit Mounts
  • HVAC's / controllers
  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Door Alarm Contacts

Custom Manufacturing

  • Custom Stairs, Walkways, and Railings
  • Fold down desk
  • Custom cabinets
  • Cable tray/fittings
  • Equipment Platforms

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  Our products are located locally and globally in extreme climates.