A Cartoon of Cookie Monster expressing despair at the proposition of deleting cookies.You can travel through much of this website without giving any information about yourself; however, occassionally information is required to provide services that you request.  This privacy policy explains data collection, and data use, in those situations.  This privacy statement explains use practices by the website owner, or where applicable, by the particular author of the data collector.

You will be asked prior to giving information that personally identifies you.  Generally, information is requested when you register for newsletters, join a limited-access section of the website, or when you sign-up for an event.

Personal information collected is typically limited to your name, your phone number, and your email; but may include other information as required to provide you with services that you request.  Your information will not be given to others.

Use of Cookies vs. HTML Local Storage
This website uses http-cookies for demographic tracking, retention of user's login details, and in addressing particular services, and delivering a customized experience tailored to browsing habits.  Cookies are simply little text files commonly used across the Internet.  For full use of all website features, your web-browser must "accept cookies".

The developer of this website is currently working towards introducing changes to adopt the new HTML Local Storage method to address retention of individual user's application data.

The following cookies (or more) are used on this website:

User Session Identifier Maintains the website's understanding of your active admin session so you don’t need to re-login

Malware/Spyware/Viruses and/or other similar types of undesirable software are not knowingly permitted in this website.  This website does NOT rely on Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla website content management systems; and is therefore NOT subject to any of the typical security exploits known to be of issue among those particular website platforms.

  Our products are located locally and globally in extreme climates.